Music & Film

Mixing - Recording - Editing

From basic, fundamental recording to complex sound engineering, our studio has you covered. Top of line equipment such as The Midas m32r live recording mixer and editing software from Logic to Protools. With a large adaptable library of sounds and effects to cater to what you're looking for. Our video production software through Adobe is right up there with Hollywood level performance and design.

Our Rates For Recording:


Studio Audio/Music Recording Rates:

(can record on separate days)

$50 Per Hour Studio Recording

Book 4 Hours for $180

Book 8 Hours for $360

*Does not include mixing/mastering*


Booking Blocks:

(must record within the day)

Book 4 Hour Day for $160

 Book 6 Hour Day for $240

*Does Not Include Mixing/Mastering*


Additional Services

$25 an hour for Engineer and Sound EQ'ing

$75 an hour video recording w/audio, saved data

$30 an hour for advanced lighting equipment


Demo Bundle

2 Hour Recording on Stage w/lighting, Fog, & photography

Price: $200

*Does Not Include Any Video*


Additionial Options*:

Video Recording: Call for Pricing           

  Music Video:  Call for Pricing

Band Photoshoot:   $50 per hour

Post Production/Mastering:  $85 per hour                        

 DVD Video:  $15 per (Project recording/performance in studio)    

Session CD:    $5 per (Raw unmixed session recordings used for editing or for touch ups)

Premaster CD:  $5 per (Final session product)



                                             * A deposit is due at the start of the session and the rest of the payment is due at the end of each session.